Pozdrav od Paula Marlowe!

Do Steamzine.cz (přesněji řečeno zakladateli Perótinovi, který zařizoval doménu) přišel na podzim roku 2012 pohled s několika portréty královny. Nebylo to od nikoho jiného než od od knižního autora z Kanady, který píše steampunkové historické sci-fi. :)

Následně jsme se skrz osobní stránky Paula Marlowe zkontaktovali:

Dear Mr. Marlowe,

Today I just recieved your postcard, and I was very surprised and also pleased. Thanks a lot for the postcard, althought It was only a few words about your new book – I think about buying it btw – but that shows somebody (and even in Canada!) know about our small comunity in our small country in middle of Europe.
Thanks a lot again, we are working on some advertising about your person, and we also hope in some co-op in the future.

Best wishes and everything,
Marek Lisak (STEAMZINE.CZ – Ezin of Czech Steampunk)

Dear Mr Lisak,Thank you very much for your message! I apologize for not being able to write in the Czech language at all, but I hope that your group is also interested in recent English-language books, such as mine. It is great to know that there is so much interest in 19th century history and culture, and in steampunk, in many different nations. One of my short stories, a Victorian comedy entitled “The Resident Member” was produced as a radio play in South Africa (in English). It can be downloaded for free as an MP3 file if you would like to listen to it: http://www.paulmarlowe.com/pm/rm.htm

Are there Czech writers of the 19th century you could recommend as steampunk-related, similar to Jules Verne and H.G. Wells? Writers such as Jaroslav Hašek and Karel Čapek are know to English readers in translation, but I don’t know of any Czech science fiction or fantasy writers of the 19th century (though I think Čapek’s R.U.R. would appeal to steampunk fans).

It would be fascinating to learn more about what interests and inspires Czech steampunks, and what parts of history, and alternate history, they are attracted to.

Best regards,
Paul Marlowe

Děkujeme za zkontaktování a důvěru’ Věříme, že o Paulovi ještě uslyšíme!

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